Strength Training

 PSA Training:
Monday-Tuesday-Thursday 5-6pm, 6-7pm & 7-8pm. 
Saturday & Sunday 10-11am & 11-12pm.
All are welcome...not just for wrestlers. Lift before wrestling practice combo pricing available...Why lift somewhere else?
Wrestling practice $20 + $10 lifting = $30 combo!
Already have a monthly or yearly membership?  Perfect...$10 Bucks!
Non members and non wrestlers....$20.....still a bargain!
Great for anyone who wants to get into shape for the New Year.

BATC Resident Trainer:

Rob Agnoli comes to the Buxton Athletic Training Center with 20 years of experience in the strength and conditioning world.  Rob has a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from East Stroudsburg University and has worked in various settings including commercial, private and corporate fitness.  Additionally, having competed in over two dozen strongman competitions, trainer Rob draws upon his real world experiences to help athletes reach their peak strength, power, speed and conditioning. 

When training athletes to improve performance, Rob places heavy emphasis on the movements and combinations that deliver the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.  This streamline approach to training will help you reach your best as quickly as possible.

Jack Nicholais

Jack Nicholais, a Master Sports Hypnotist in 1995 started to use hypnosis to help area athletes overcome their weaknesses in the sport of wrestling with confidence and focus strategies.  By improving an athlete’s confidence and focus through hypnosis, Jack was able to help make wrestlers more aggressive on the mat against opponents along with increasing their stamina, speed and strength.

Today, Jack has helped more district, regional and state champions conquer success not only in New Jersey but across the country.  Jack also has clients in many other sports including various venues such as Team USA for fencing, gymnastics and tennis.

Jack has now teamed up with the Buxton Athletic Training Center to bring mental training to a whole new level so your athlete can have an advantage over the competition.


Call the BATC for details and to make an appointment.

973-764-6240 ext 251

Dr. John Maute

Dr. John has been practicing Chiropractic since 1996. In this time he has treated thousands of patients from small children to the elderly. He has worked with all kinds of athletes including some of NJ's top wrestlers such as Zack Rey and Dan Vallimont. Dr. John is no stranger to wrestling. He wrestled on the 1987 State Section Championship Morris Hills High School wrestling team. He was a 1986 quarter finalist in the NJ State Wrestling tournament. He went on to wrestle at Springfield College, where he was selected to the Division II Academic All American wrestling team, and also became a Division II All American wrestler in 1991. 

Dr. John prides himself in his knowledge of sports injury, chiropractic manipulation, nutrition, physical diagnostics and soft tissue work (trigger point therapy, acupressure, therapeutic muscle stretching and postural re-education).

Dr. John understands how hard wrestling is on the body. He feels strongly that proper training, good nutrition and regular Chiropractic treatments can help your children perform at their highest potential. 

Dr. John is more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call the office if you do have any questions. 

Dr John's degrees include: 

  • B.S. Sports Biology - Springfield College, Springfield MA, May 1991
  • Doctor of Chiropractic - New York Chiropractic College, December 1996
  • Masters in Nutrition - University of Bridgeport, August 16, 1998


Dr. John E. Maute
Jefferson Chiropractic Center
694 Route 15 South, Suite 102, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
PH: (973) 663-3733   Fax: (973) 663-0130


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