The Buxton Athletic Training Center

14,000 Square Feet of Training in Randolph, NJ

Our brand new, 14,000 square foot training facility is now open for business in Randolph, NJ.

Buxton Athletic is set in one of the largest industrial parks Randolph has to offer. With direction from Jeff Buxton, a decorated international wrestling coach who made his name with countless high profile wins and involvement with Blair Academy, the center is built with many unique highlights.

With room for 6 wrestling mats, or more if needed, the wrestling facility has plenty of space for multiple coaches, continuous wrestling, private practices, competitions and large events. Most practices will host between 20 to 30 wrestlers at a time who will receive feedback from several top-ranked wrestlers such as Mario Mason, Hudson Taylor, and many more coaches leading the pack.

On top of mats, a full training gym will be on site offering athletes weight training, conditioning, and a space to tone muscles. Boxing has always been a close relative of wrestling, and the facility will be complete with some heavy duty boxing bag equipment. Buxton aims to build well-rounded athletes that not only are effective on the mat, but have sound cardio conditioning.

The most unique facet of the Buxton Athletic training facility is its on-site massage room. High level athletes pay attention to their recovery after long practices. Having someone to reduce recovery times, and improve athlete well-being is something that is difficult to find other training centers. A quiet study and sitting area will provide a solitary area to focus on homework, study, and unwind between practice or wait for a parent to pick them up.

A pro-shop is now selling specially designed singlets, headgear, memorabilia, and specialty equipment.

Our main wrestling room pays tribute to a special coach that was held close to the Buxton Athletic family, Jared Platt, 27, who passed away too early after battling a rare form of childhood cancer. The Jared Platt Wrestling Room will have additional equipment and pay homage to this fighter, and coach that helped many of the wrestlers develop throughout the program.

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4 Middlebury Blvd, Unit #11, Randolph, NJ.

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